23-25 Feb 2018
Dundee International Sports Centre

AH & BC Amsterdam HC

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Club History

AH&BC is the oldest hockey club in the Netherlands hockey. They have been European outdoor champions 12 times. Their best indoor result was finishing  4th in the Cup 2014.

Amsterdam has a young and energetic team with some very talented players.They are playing fast and attractive hockey.

In this team there  are 3 players from the National Indoor team : Noor de Baat ( 16) Felice Albers ( 17) & Marijn Veen ( 6 ).
Together they form a dangerous attacking side with a strong defence to back them up.

As the captain of the team , Julia Muller is the oldest and most experienced indoor player with an impressive national record , capping lots of games with the German team both outdoor and indoor.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

The combination of talent and experience and the energy on and off the field makes Amsterdam a very enjoyable team to watch.