23-25 Feb 2018
Dundee International Sports Centre

SV Arminen

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Club History

 The Sports Association SV Arminen was founded in 1919 by students. This makes our club one of the oldest and most traditional Austrian hockey clubs. 1929 it came to the establishment of the first arminen lady team. At the beginning of the thirties the successful youth work started.
At first there were separate sections for rowing, fencing and football in addition to hockey. Since World War II only more hockey is played at the armies.
As an authoritative guide in the history of the armies, the "common thread" manifests itself as the basis for many actions. Literally quoted from the past, "... that we are educated in this club for an invisible thread, the summation of decency, tolerance, fairness and camaraderie in the best sense" - quoted values that still endure in our club life.