23-25 Feb 2018
Dundee International Sports Centre


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Club History

At the end of the century before last, football, tennis and gymnastics were the leading sports in Germany. Nobody had heard of hockey yet. It was not until 1898 that some ladies, who had discovered and learned field hockey in England, brought this new sport to Hamburg and founded the Hamburger Hockeyclub. Members of this club, which later disbanded, and some members of the Uhlenhorster sports club were the 22 tennis players who founded the Uhlenhorst Hockey Club on March 21, 1901.
Training was initially on a cow pasture on the Sierichstraße and real opponents there were logically no in the first years. In 1904, the other side of the Alster was first converted to hockey and founded the HTHC. Slowly but increasingly hockey then spread over Hamburg and Germany and a regulated game operation was born.

The interest in new, strong opponents led quickly to the establishment of the UHC international contacts, especially to English teams. Since 1905 the UHC organizes international tournaments, which brought the hockey sport in Germany in the first decades decisively forward. Although it was obvious in 1908, it was also a great honor that the entire hockey team of the UHC represented Germany at the Olympic Games in London.

Two own, proper hockey courts were opened in 1909 with great pride on leased terrain in Steilshoop. There was also the first own clubhouse. In 1911, the UHC tennis department already had 150 members - almost all hockey players were also tennis players. In foresight, that the location Steilshoop would not be able to hold forever, acquired the UHC 1923 today's grounds in Hummelsbüttel.

In the meantime, the UHC has achieved countless championships and successes in both hockey and tennis, the enumeration of which would go beyond any scope here. Various national and even international titles are among them. And in addition to concentrating on sporting success, the basic values of the UHC remained unchanged then as today - the joy of sports and the socializing in the club. The UHC can face the future with great confidence.